The Strength Crew is a no excuses, no B.S. group of athletes who want to be strong, get strong and help others do the same. As this site develops we will have people from all walks of life and various sports contributing to further enrich the lives of those who visit as well as those contributing. We are here to help each other achieve our goals, in and out of the gym. We encourage you to empty your cup, show up, share and learn.


Shukin Mark Moderski was ordained a Zen Buddhist monk in 1997 by Miyaura Shinyu Roshi in the mountains of Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Shukin spent two and a half years with Myaura Roshi in a farming temple with zazen (seated meditation) as his core training. Shortly after the one hundred day funeral for his master, Shukin became a renegade monk traveling Japan. He ended up in a small agricultural village in Hokkaido where he began his study under Furuya Sensei of kendo and iaido, earning his third and second dan respectively. Shukin now resides near the beach in the United States where he works to integrate the spiritual training of Zen with physical strength training.


I was Born April 9th, 1990 in Aberdeen, Washington. Aberdeen is a small town in Washington about 100 miles West of Seattle. I was born the Youngest of 3, 2 older Brothers.

My childhood was a active one. I enjoyed all sports by the Age of 10 I was participating in Baseball, Football, Basketball, Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling. I was constantly doing something year round and doing that helped me develop a quality physique for myself. This physique was the foundation for my powerlifting Career.

In Jr. High At the age of 13 I was 5' 6 185 pounds. I was a very Stocky and decided to cut out Basketball and Baseball from my sports. I no longer enjoyed playing either sport. Plus with my build I was tearing up on the wrestling mat and Football Field. So football ran from September-October Wrestling was from November-December and March-May. So dropping the other two sports I had about 6 months of free time where I wasn't playing sports. My brother saw the opportunity and took me under his wing at the age of 13 I started to take powerlifting serious as my other 2 sports!

My first powerlifting meet I did was September 2005. Football season Started August and I also last passion in all team sports. Nothing is more frustrating to me when I give every thing 110% and we lose because half the "Team" half assed the game. So Powerlifting and Wrestling were perfect for me. The only person I could blame for losing is me and I never had to rely on others!

By the time my Senior year ended I was a State Champion Powerlifter and I was Runner up at State Wrestling I lost in the Finals by 2 points. After High School was over I had one thing on my mind getting a good job and Making money! So I lost focus on powerlifting and focused more on pursuing a career. I graduated June 2008 and in less then 6 months I was able to land a Career! I'm a Union Commercial Electrician which is very competitive in Washington State. 125 people applied and 10 got accepted. I was 18 at the time the closest person in age was 26. My first Job as a electrician was a Swing Shift Schedule. 4:00pm-12:30am.

I stopped Powerlifting from summer of 2008 all the way till January 2010. I got sick of being a pussy and my physique was looking like shit! I started looking up what the New Powerlifting programs were and I stumbled across Jim Wendlers 5/3/1.... This was the Day my entire life Changed!! I lived the way the program was laid out and the first week of January I tested all my 1 Rep Maxes.

January 2010:
Military press --175

I couldn't believe how weak I was! Now after 2 1/2 years of 5/3/1 here are my new stats!

May 2012:
Squat -- 862.7
Bench-- 501
Military press 325

Needless to say I never expected to get so strong this fast but what can I say 5/3/1 Works!



I have been powerlifting for about 14 years. Started with my older brother Matt where he taught me the Westside Barbell method and the importance of long term planning through micro, meso, and macro cycles at a young age. We trained at the Timber Gym, where numerous hardcore powerlifters, much older than us, were always offering help and advice. There I first learned how the powerlifting community is such a friendly place. I competed in my first meet at 15 years old. It was a WABDL meet and had a blast to where I knew this was a sport that I loved. I first totaled 2000@275w/gear at an APF meet put on by Tommy Fannon in 2005. In 2007 I hit a total of 2230@275w/gear (905, 550, 775) at an APA meet put on by Brent Mikesell.

Joined the Army in 2008 and laid off competing in powerlifting till Sept 2009 where I competed at an APA meet at Fort Walton Beach Florida at a bodyweight of 191 pounds. There I totaled 1802w/gear. After graduating EOD School I got stationed at Fort Hood Texas. The last 3 years I have trained in a 10x30 storage unit, my good friend Andrew Pilger’s garage, a rundown compound in Iraq, my friends garage again, and currently a 10x30 storage unit. Training in constant 100 degree plus temperatures made gear lifting very difficult to say the least. Within 4 months of getting into Texas I transitioned over to raw lifting. This entailed me to make big changes to my routine… not really. Only changes I have made are not wrestling with gear in workouts. I still stick to the Westside Barbell method instilled in me by my brother Matt and just keep reassessing what is working, what is not, and what might.

My brother Ben inspired me to do my most recent meet, which was a SPF meet about 2 months after I got back from Iraq. This SPF meet was Iron Wars put on by Justin Randall in Oct 2011. There I totaled 1824@311raw (633,435,755). Since then I have got my bodyweight down to where I will compete at the 220 division. Next duty station is Fort Lewis, next gym location is a dual garage setup and next meet is Iron Wars 2 @220!



My first meet was in December of 2009 where I totaled a 1,493 lbs competing in the raw division (no special powerlifting equipment – just a belt ).Since then I have totaled 1,918 lbs (in the top 20 for all-time raw totals in the 275 lbs weight class).

Best Competition Individual Lifts:
Squat – 722 lbs raw
Bench Press – 500 lbs raw
Deadlift – 705 lbs raw


My athletic carrier began as a child in baseball, basketball, BMX, Skateboarding, and soccer, moving around a lot and growing into my own I began to lean toward sports like football, wrestling, weightlifting, and powerlifting. I finally found my nitch in Strongman under the tutelage of Grant Higa. Winning my first nationals in 2007 at the USA Teen National Championship. I competed in the HW unlimited class as a 200lbs 19yr old with less than a year of experience, after the win I discovered I had a natural talent for the sport, I focused more intensely and have more recently won 3 National titles and a Pro-Card in the last three years.


Born and raised in a small town - Glide, Oregon. Involved in sports from an early age including soccer, swimming, basketball, softball, and volleyball. When I was 15, I discovered strength training... haven't looked back since. In 2003, I moved to Bend, Oregon after graduating high school to attend college. After that, Portland... then to Las Vegas... then finally planted roots in Tri-Cities, WA after finding my one and only. My husband, Roger Baker and I own and operate a private gym called RAB Fitness where we are blessed to do what we are most passionate about. I'm now 28 years old and a national level physique competitor w/ the ever so coveted IFBB pro card in mind... next scheduled competition is NPC USA's in Las Vegas, NV end of July. You never know where life will take you... but somehow the iron will always bring me home...


  • 5th place / WP B class / 2012 NPC Nationals - Atlanta, GA
  • 1st place and overall / WP / 2012 NPC Fitstop NW Championships - Shelton, WA
  • 1st place and overall / WP / 2012 NPC Iron Mountain - Wenatchee, WA
  • 1st place and overall / Figure B class / 2012 NPC Empire Classic - Spokane, WA
  • 1st place / Bikini class B / 2011 NPC Fitstop NW Championships - Shelton, WA
  • 2nd place / Bikini class A / 2011 NPC Iron Mountain - Wenatchee, WA
  • 2nd place / Figure class C / 2010 Emerald Cup - Snoqualmie, WA
  • 3rd place / Figure class C / 2008 Emerald Cup - Bellevue, WA



Ben Rice is an elite level Raw Natural powerlifter who specializes in Russian high volume training. He has won multiple world championships in the WABDL for his deadlift and has totaled 1746@195 Raw with knee wraps and 1725 without wraps in full meet settings. Ben has a love for the sport that is equaled only by his love of seeing others grow and reach their goals. Ben is a self-proclaimed average guy who found the sport as a chance to ascend out of mediocrity and has been improving steadily for 12 years. Ben is currently studying vocal performance and American Sign Language at Central Washington University and performs in many campus ensembles while still managing to keep training a high priority. If you want to know how to make your circumstances work for you and train to an elite level even if you don't have amazing genetics or a great deal of natural talent, then Ben is your guy.


I was born October 30, 1989 in Bakersfield, California where I still reside. Growing up, I wrestled for six years in middle and high school, and dabbled in many other sports before finally discovering powerlifting a few years ago. Powerlifting gave me the opportunity to compete at what had been and continues to be my favorite thing to do - lift. I have been lifting for 8 years, and powerlifting for the last three. I train at the Hog Pit Gym under my coach Ken Wheeler. My best competition lifts are a 722 lb. squat in knee wraps, 523 lb. raw bench, and 854 lb. raw deadlift, with my best meet total being 2027 lbs. My goal for the near future is a 900 lb. raw deadlift and 2100 lb. raw total. I am also, slowly but surely, making my way into strongman. I am working on acquiring the implements and learning the vast amount of technique needed to compete.

I am honored to be part of the Strength Crew team, alongside many incredible athletes. I am looking forward to the future and expect to hit some very big numbers soon.


I'm 21 years old and I began lifting when I was 16, competing in several sports throughout high school: cross country, basketball and eventually, powerlifting. It wasn't until my senior year I actually competed in my first meet where I totaled 810 @181. (275/200/335) I continued lifting afterwards and I've been training/competing in powerlifting competitively since April 2012 with a top ten ranked total of 1875@220 (770/420/685). I plan to compete in 220 until I can no longer make the weight cut and eventually move up to 242.


I'm just a big one-armed fat boy that just happened to fall in love with powerlifting after being introduced to it for a second time. I started lifting "seriously" about three years ago at the ripe old age of 36. I had started off with SS and then, after taking awhile off, I started back with the Cube Method. I now have two powerlifting meets under my belt and two Mississippi state records in the APA federation. My best meet/lifts are 500 squat (belt/knee sleeves only), 135 bench press, and a 310 deadlift for a 945 pound meet total.

All of this I mentioned is great but, the greatest thing for myself is that I inspire and motivate others with my lift and videos. I feel that through my lifting, I can get others (handicapped or not) to be inspired and motivated to start exercising or lifting weights to get into better shape. I use myself as a tool to show others that there really is no excuse. If I can compete in powerlifting and set state records, they should be able to at least get to the gym and make themselves better.

My overall satisfaction is seeing other succeed. I feel that's what StrengthCrew is about. As a team, we will help and encourage each other to do better and also to help others. It takes more strength to help others than to help yourself. I'm honored to be asked to be part of StrengthCrew and will represent StrengthCrew in everything I do in the gym.



My name is Jeramey Lowry. I'm 20 years old and a 90kg (198lb) competitive powerlifter. I'm located in a small town in Central Illinois called Dwight. I have been training for 5 years total, powerlifting for 2. I started weight training at 15 and instantly became hooked. I first got into powerlifting when I got in contact with Eric Lilliebridge via YouTube. We began to email and he invited me to train with him. The first time we met was his last squat session before the Arnold Classic Animal Cage where he planned to hit 900+ at 275lbs with wraps. I've been fortunate enough to train with Team Lilliebridge and to have met some of the greatest powerlifting legends in Ed Coan and Ernie Frantz. Training with Team Lilliebridge pushed me to heights I never thought I'd reach. Recently, I have dropped wraps and have began training alone due to my busy schedule. I'm currently fixing to compete before the end of the year where I plan to total near 1600 at 198 raw, no wraps (585/400+/615).

Eventually, I see myself breaking world records and inspiring others along the way. I enjoy helping others who share the same passion as me. I often times find myself awake late at night watching powerlifting videos on YouTube. It's truly an obsession that has become a part of me.

I grew up in a large family on a short income. I have 5 siblings and had only one working parent. Lifting was something I turned to to escape my personal problems and take out my aggression. Powerlifting is something I truly enjoy doing. There's nothing I love more than a loaded barbell in my hands. There is this switch you develop when you're lifting heavy. It's the "wake the f*ck up" switch. Not many people have it, it's almost something you're born with. It takes a crazy person to succeed in powerlifting. You need to know when to turn on the aggression and inner savage in you when needed. This alone has attracted me to the sport. Not to mention, I have been fortunate enough to have met some of the greatest people I know through powerlifting. I look forward to my future in this sport and hitting huge totals and pushing my body to extreme limits.