Ben Rice write up and vid from the UPA Meet at RAB fitnessPosted on 3/10/2014

my write up and vid from the UPA Meet yesterday at RAB fitness:
Lows and highs today but made it through in one piece.
Squats: 650 easy
710 misgrooved and missed twice
Disappointed with this because training was solid and I just failed to execute. This crippled my chance at a pr total which set a bad tone but freed me up to play the other lifts by ear and not dwell on padding my total.
Bench: 355 fast and clean
375 fast and clean
390 misgrooved the descent miss
Considering how poorly my benching has gone this cycle I wasn't surprised that it went the way it did. This is definitely the area with the most room for improvement
Deadlifted: 710 very fast felt solid
750 bit of a grinder but got it done (10 lb pr)
Passed 3rd wanted to end on a good note
Salvaged the day for me with this pull I slightly freaked out when I got it
So a 1775 raw w/wraps total at 212 with a lot left on the squat platform and some missed potential on bench. I am still happy with the experience I have a lot of people to thank but I'll cover that in the video. Was honored with 1st place and the raw tested overall best lifter award. Incredibly thankful for the support throughout this journey. Love these people, love this sport, love the grind! Strengthcrew life- Ben


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