Core training for powerlifting (Ben’s coaching tips EP.1)Posted on 1/31/2015

Ben Rice is changing up his youtube style with an informitave series you will want to add to your favorites. 

By sherm on 4/19/2015 at 13:03

Ben, my name is Sherm Gallay and I manufacture and sell a self spotter called the Free-Spotter. The website is
Having watched several of your videos and listened to your open minded narratives, I would appreciate having you to try out the Free-Spotter.

I think the Free-Spotter could help your bench because it eliminates the need for unracking and re-racking the bar, just as would be with a human spotter at a meet. Without expending energy in the unracking process, and not requiring any reserve at the end of the set to re-rack, all effort goes into the lift itself.

If you are interested (hopefully), I would lend you a Free-Spotter for an indefinite period, at no cost to you. It would mount on one of your bars, and hang in your power rack.


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