“Getting cock diesel strong!” an interview with Marshall White
By Mark "Trebin" Nibert on 6/24/2013 Back to Articles

“Getting cock diesel strong!” an interview with Marshall White

First off Marshall, I just wanted to thank you for doing this interview. I have been following you and your LBEB crew on Facebook for a while now. I am very excited that you have chosen to do an interview with us.


1.)    What age did you start lifting? How long have you been a seriously lifter?


  I actually started lifting at a very young age, around 13 or so, my parents owned a small hardcore gym in Tomball, Texas names Spartan Gym.  This was a gym full of badass powerlifters and bodybuilders and I truly believe started my love of lifting. I got very serious about lifting at about 17 years old. I was graduating high school and wasn't going anywhere with football, so one day I was watching WSM on TV and decided I wanted to be the strongest man to have ever lived. Lol! I called up my buddy Floyd Wilder and asked him how I do that, he told me to meet him at the gym and we got started on getting me huge. 


2.)    You are an amazing athlete in both Strongman and Olympic lifting. Do you feel that both of them together benefit each other?


  I absolutely believe they do! On a side note I wouldn't call me "amazing" at oly lifting, I'm just diesel strong and apply that to oly. Ha! I think more guys could benefit from an oly base than the traditional pl base in strongman but unfortunately oly is extremely difficult to learn and time consuming so it gets neglected a lot.  I can honestly say that oly lifting is a major reason I have been able to stay relatively injury free most of my career and why I am so explosive when it comes to strongman events. 


3.)    What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment with lifting/strongman? What contributed to you doing this?


  I'd have to say that winning the 2009 Romanian super series was my biggest accomplishment.  Without a doubt in my mind I can say that my personal life being absolutely in order and on point is what made this happen.  It's taken me 4 years to realize the importance of this and I am just now starting to realize the major effect your personal life has on your athletic career. 


4.)    What does a normally training day for you look like? I just want others to see how much work it takes to get to the level that you are.  


  My training starts as soon as I wake up with consuming a half gallon of water with breakfast and stretching afterwards, when I head to the gym I stretch, roll and smash even more.  I then start training and hit at least 2 major movements (squat and dl, log and bench, etc) these 2 movements usually take close to an hour and half, then I head into accessories and a ridiculous amount of volume.  This usually takes me close to an hour or more and I get such a brutal pump that walking may be difficult.  I then stretch, roll and smash even more and start eating and drinking water to grow. I have recently hooked up with Crossfit Elevate http://www.crossfitelevate.com here in Houston and these dude have some ideas for conditioning and sprint work that I think is gonna blow my mind so I'm excited about adding that in to my already 4 day a week schedule. 


5.)    How was it competing in WSM? Having worked backstage at the Arnold the guys competing all seem very nice and helpful.


  WSM was fun. It is a contest that is definitely built for TV so scheduling and events were very different.  Overall it was a great experience but I was well under prepared and too green. This won't be the case next time. 


6.)    What would you recommend for anyone wanting to get started in strongman?


  I'd recommend getting over this idea that you need to get "stronger" to be a strongman.  Most people need to get better at strongman events (yokes, farmers, etc) then worry about getting strong. I went pro with a sub 700 dl and a sub 300 log, but I MURDERED anything involving moving which typically 4 out of 5 events at a strongman show will be mobile events. Find someone that knows what they're doing, put your pride aside and soak up their knowledge! Don't get on with powerlifters or Weightlifters, these guys are in a different sport, you need to learn from strongmen and good ones at that. Join NAS and use the resources they provide to the fullest extent. 


7.)    What would you recommend for anyone looking to get in to Olympic lifting?


  Oh man, this is a tough one.  I would have to say for oly lifting you gotta hook up with someone that knows what they're doing and of course join USAW and use their resources.  I learned oly lifting from Jesse Marunde and one thing I loved about him was that he saw oly lifting as a strength sport that you need to be strong at to be successful in.  That sounds weird but so many coaches/lifters spend so much time focusing on form and all that that they neglect getting cock diesel strong! Learning form is relatively easy, it takes time and work to get stupid strong.  Get a huge pull, get a monster squat, get retarded explosive then start putting em together with form.  I've won some oly meets simply by being stronger than the other guys, my form sucked balls but at the end of the day I took home the gold because when they were using a broomstick I was jacking weight, with shitty form albeit but I was still moving weight. I maintain that if I focused on oly (had a coach and all that) I'd kill that sport, not trying to be cocky, I think most pro strongmen would simply because being strong goes a lot further than form. 


8.)    How would you combine the two?


  I think it's easy to combine the 2, I simply treat the oly lifts as I would any other lift. A clean is a pull so it's to be used on dl or "pull" day, jerks are overhead, so on and so forth.  The key to strongman programming in my opinion is to rotate every single thing you can think of in on a regular basis with focus on your weaknesses. 


9.)    Being a bigger athlete like you I have had a hard time with flexibility and mobility. What do you do to stay mobile to handle the Olympic lifting and also using the strongman implements?


  Ugh! Mobility is a bitch! This is something I neglected for a few years and am paying the price now. Like I said I have hooked up with Crossfit Elevate and these guys have opened my eyes up to a world of mobility like I've never seen.  Coming on with LBEB showed me crossfit and how important they find mobility to be so I simply make the time each and every day to stretch and roll and smash to stay mobile, also water, water and more water I think water is highly neglected, a hydrated muscle is a flexible muscle. 


10.) How did you get hooked up with LBEB?


  I came across LBEB on the internetz and hit B up to sponsor me, he said no. Little later I posted vid of a 425 axle jerk and he decided he wanted to sponsor me.


11.) What kind of supplements do you use?


I mainly use True Nutrition protein, but I throw in my vitamins, digestive enzymes and of course fish oil. 


12.) What are your thoughts on all of the programming books that are out there? I know you do custom programming and from what I have heard it really works but is a lot of volume.


Well I think these books work to some extent but I don't feel the body is a calculator.  I don't think 2+2=4 in every single athlete.  My programming is designed to work with the specific athlete, their needs and their weaknesses. After a ton of research and studying I found that most pro strongmen actually follow a similar routine in the sense that it fits in to certain parameters. I wrote these parameters out and plugged multiple programs in to them and out came similarities. What I see is that pro strongmen all fall in to these parameters but they use different exercises based on their weaknesses.  So on paper all their programs look completely different but they are in fact similar. I do write specific exercises in to programs but these exercises change per athlete.  If you were given these parameters you could plug in your own movements and see great results. I feel that a lot of current programming books neglect individuality. 

13.) Since you do custom programming how can our lifters get in touch with you to get set up on your programming? Do you also do diets and nutrition?


Hit me up at marshall@liftbigeatbig.com with an intro email.  I do do diets and nutrition as well but I don't do "get skinny" or "get ripped" diets so don't even ask.  If you wanna get big and strong hit me up. 

Thank you very much Marshall. 

Thanks for this opportunity!!!


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