Jeff Seath’s latest contest recap
By Jeff Seath on 6/26/2013 Back to Articles

Jeff Seath’s latest contest recap


Prior to doing this meet I competed in the USPA meet on April 13, 2013. At that meet my lifts were 605/455/780 for a 1840 total. Went with just knee sleeves on the squat was going to go without any support but at the peak of my squat wave I strained my right knee. I believe it was on the very last set where I was doing a 2 below parallel box squat with 545 and AVG bands on a bow bar. I use the bow bar for most of my squats because it is that or a standard power bar. My shoulders have been rocked up so much over the years I have big issues with getting my hand within a regular 7 foot bars. As I finished the set my right knee locked up and did not want to move for a couple of minutes and I eventually regained mobility. On meet day the inflammation was bad and trying to squat without any support would have been too big of a gamble. The knee sleeves gave me the support to push through it but I was very gun shy, which realistically was great for prepping me for June 8.

                  Anyways, prepping for this meet I felt like I could have used more attempts in knee wraps to get more comfortable with feel and getting more weight on my back. Luckily I listened to Ben’s advice and ordered Titans gold standard wraps. These wraps work great without the need for really torqueing them on. So finding my natural groove in them wasn’t too much of a real issue. Prep time for this meet allowed for me to do two 3 week waves. First wave was box squats with a safety squat bar and 2 chains. I do a lot of safety squat bar work in training I really feel it is great for building both the squat and deadlift. Then the second wave I just did full range squats for doubles on the second week I did 585 for a double and called it quits due to knee pain. My knee’s inflammation was really bad at this point and my natural walk was even hindered for the week after. Playing it smart I just did accessory work on my next squat day, I put all my work in for this meet already and my main focus was ensuring I did not hinder any recovery. I ended up just hitting 585 for a single with wraps on my last max effort squat workout, just about 2 weeks out from the meet.  My highlights of max effort squat workouts was hitting a 600+ pound safety squat bar off a 9” box and deadlifted 775 off a 2.5” platform (was my last pull session 3 weeks out from meet day) . I of course strained my pec the week after the USPA meet so I did lay off of any heavy benching up until 2 weeks out to where I hit a 455 floor press with over 50 pounds of chains. Floor press was good allowed me to hit something heavy without risking stretching and pulling my pec. So the last 2 weeks I hit fast GPP workouts every day. I really feel that these followed with concentrating on keeping my food intake higher allowed for great recovery from training wear.



The meet was held at Locals CrossFit gym. It was a great location for a meet. They had multiple warm up areas and the overall square footage of open space allowed for easy movement around the meet area. The day prior I ate a lot of carbohydrates and kept hydrated, knowing that eating on meet day is hard and for me I like to have a light stomach during meets. Warming up on the squat was great after taking 155 for a couple of sets my knee did not feel any weakness. My warm ups and attempts went like this…

Warm Ups

155 for 3 sets





535x1 w/light knee wrap

Attempts (was kilos so not sure on exact weights)

580ish – GOOD (after each attempt my brother Matt increased the wrap tension, nothing crazy tight but to where it was noticeable, this really helped me stay in my groove)

640ish - GOOD

673 – GOOD


Finishing the squat with no strain issues and the fact that my knee felt like normal I was very excited for the rest of the meet. Going into bench was just like the squat. My prior injury was not even feeling like anything happened in the past. My pec felt great and taking in some high carb drinks and eating some carbs right after squat actually got my body feeling extra solid. Low back and lats were getting an overly intense pump in warm-ups so Ben tossed my weight belt on me and it kept it at ease.

Warm Ups

Bar for sets

95xquite a few








430ish - GOOD

474 - GOOD

501 MISSED (got gun shy on the lowering and touched to low, got it about halfway but was just in a bad position. Who knows if I would have lowered it straight down I might have stained my pec which would suck going into the deads with)


After my benches I ate about a 1 and a half cups of rice ate a little bit of chicken then drank a Gatorade and had some protein pudding. There was about a 2 plus hour gap until deadlifts so this was a great time for me to get some food in without feeling soggy come deadlifting time. Starting up with the deadlifts my body felt a little beat up but nothing too bad. For warm-ups they had a standard power bar in the warm-up room so the initial pull from the floor felt a little off but other than that my body felt great. Missing 501 on my bench I was no longer focused on getting a 2000 total. An 800 pound deadlift was something I have desired to achieve ever since I pulled 775 in 2006.

Warm Ups






585x1 Belt

675x1 Belt


730ish - GOOD

805 – GOOD

Called it good there, got in the 1950s and got my 800 deadlift. Was definitely not feeling a 48 pound jump so didn’t feel like going for 20 more pounds or so and risk an injury over it.


All in all I am very happy with how the meet went. I did not get a 2000 total but going into the meet I knew that it was a long shot and was not too stressed about HAVING to hit that number. Really glad I stayed smart and took the needed time off for the meet. I backed off heavy bench work and did not worry about hitting a big squat just prior to the meet. The hundreds of sessions done prior are what brought me here and I had no problem playing it safe and backing off.  End of the day came out to – 673/474/805 – 1952 total.


What now

My plans right now are to get my bodyweight down to where at my next meet I will compete in the 242 weight class.  I am going to find a meet in the September time frame. Looking back in my previous training I am going to change up the length of my workouts. Many sessions I would find myself lifting 2 plus hours and it was during these extended times that I would get training injuries. So from now on rest periods will be lower, bringing up the intensity of workouts. My training from now on will be 45-60 minutes tops. I feel like I wasted a lot of time in my gym when the work that was done could have been done in almost half the time just if I would have manned up and pushed my body more. The main reason for this reflection is that I am going to deploy later this year and really want to spend as much time with my wife and kid as possible.  So cutting out 45 plus minutes out of my workouts every session adds up to a lot of family time. Really pumped with this realization - future training will be more intense, weight will drop off more because of it, and I will be spending more time with the wife and kid! I really have to thank strength crew for allowing me to be a part of the team. This is my first write up and I will begin doing a log on my weight loss and training in the forum.


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