220 Class wrecking machine Tee Cummins
By Eddie "McBeast" McLaughlin on 7/17/2013 Back to Articles

220 Class wrecking machine Tee Cummins


Hey Tee, First off thanks for letting us interview you. We caught wind of your progress via Facebook and we are impressed to say the least! What is it that got you into weight training, and more specifically powerlifting?


I began lifting right before my senior year in high school (16yrs old) to add strength/mass for the upcoming basketball season. I was only like 145lbs so I took a beating when rebounding or driving towards the goal. A lot of people don't know it but I actually had my first powerlifting meet at the end of my senior year (Feb 2010) where I totaled a HUGE 810lbs @181 (172) Going into the meet I had no idea what the sport was about and figured since I had been lifting for a while (less than a year..yeah I know right) that I could do well.. I was wrong. I squatted 275, benched 200 and deadlifted 335 and took last place in my class... I spent the next couple of years working out (not training) at the local gym.. It wasn't until March 2012 that I decided I missed the element of competition and picked a powerlifting meet one month later (push-pull). I benched 310 and deadlifted 545 @220 (212bw). Every since I have been in love with the sport and have competed in 12 full powerlifting meets, improving my total from 1360--1724 in a little over a year.


I saw your recent video of your 1724 total @ 220. Great job! I also noticed that you have done multiple meets In just a few months. What training style do you follow that allows you to compete so often & continue to PR?


Well honestly for a while now I have been doing a modified version of 5/3/1 with my 3 main lifts. Basically one week I’ll work up to a 5+ rep max, the next week a 3+ rep max and the last week a heavy double or single... Ill simply keep the rotation and start over at week 1 without a reload. Additional exercises are to work on weak points or weak muscle groups... I have however incorporated explosive style training as well as rep days to change things up a bit from time to time and I believe it has helped greatly. It has allowed me to improve and hit prs often (training and meets)... Because I recover pretty fast and love to compete often, this style of training has fit very well.


You are quickly becoming a fierce competitor in the 220 class. Do you plan on staying in this class? What are your total goals, long and short?


I am a very competitive person and because the 220 class is stacked with such amazing lifters Ill remain in this class until I reach a point where I can no longer make weight. Long term goals include breaking the all time squat record and putting as many pounds on my total as I can.


What or who is your biggest inspiration to do what you do day in & out?


Brandon Lilly said it best when he said "We all make sacrifices in this life and this is the path I've chosen, to be as good of a powerlifter as I can be." Behind my wife, family and God, powerlifting is the most important thing in my life right now. I have never had something in my life that I have worked this hard for and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to reach my absolute best. When I can say I've put all I can into it and had nothing else to give, then I can walk away, satisfied.


Thanks for letting us interview you Tee. Best of luck in your future meets, we will be keeping an eye out!












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