Rhode Island Relentless Powerlifting Meet, Spring 2013
By Eddie "McBeast" McLaughlin on 7/18/2013 Back to News

Rhode Island Relentless Powerlifting Meet, Spring 2013

My life changed 7 months ago when I decided to do a Charity Bench Press meet held by Adrian Larsen in Oregon. Up until that time I had always wanted to do something to give back to the world, and it came to me when I first started talking to Melissa Thompson. The bench meet was held for Melissa's daughter Belle, who at just over 2 years old was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Talking to Melissa leading up to the meet absolutely changed my life. I was in what I thought to be a rough patch, and rather displeased with my life. It took me talking to her just once on the phone about being the parent of a sick child to understand how selfish I was being and what I needed to do. Here I am 6 months later, re-established living in Rhode Island and spending ample amounts of time with Melissa and Belle and the last few weeks "what I needed to do" has weighed heavily on my heart. I called up my closest friend Justin & he suggested I talk to Scott Nutter & Tommy Westhoff.. Well, after spending a few days messaging Tommy and just now getting off a very moving, and emotional phone call with Scott here it is... Late this spring there will be a Rhode Island Relentless Powerlifting Meet. I will be raising money for The Tomorrow Fund, a local organization that financially and emotionally supports families of children with cancer.

This will be the biggest undertaking of my life, but I am fully prepared. Any and all advice and volunteer help etc is greatly appreciated.


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