Kings of Krush, Chris Eldridge’s contest recap
By Chris Eldridge on 7/22/2013 Back to Articles

Kings of Krush, Chris Eldridge’s contest recap

     I competed this weekend with fellow forum member Boy Moyer at Kings of
Krush. It was my last show here in the northwest since I move to Texas this
week. I have had an amazing time competing up here over the last year with
all of these guys. They have shown me why strongman is one of the greatest
sports to compete in and it really is a brotherhood. This was my 7th show
and by far the most fun I've ever had. I was in a solid group with one of
the nations top 175s and a nationals qualified LW who both I call my friends
and training partners. First event was Tire Flip approx 500lbs , it felt
fairly easy and fast and all of us were within a second of one another, I
ended up getting 3rd. Next was Axle C&P 200lbs, I was used to double over
handing it for an easy 6-7 in practice but when I went to lift it my grip
felt terrible and it felt heavier then usual. That cost me valuable reps and
time so I had to switch to continental cleaning and ending up getting 3, I
had the 4th locked out when they called time but I dropped it before I got
the down signal so it wasn't counted, I took 3rd here as well, that last rep
would have given me a tie for 2nd I know I can do MUCH better then that it
was a rookie mistake. 3rd event was conan wheels not sure what the exact
weight was but it was heavy, simply put its a gut check event thats more
mental then physical. I stumbled on my pick but started off with a solid
pace, I got a lap and a half which was good for 3rd again. 440 deadlift for
reps was next and I'm not the best puller by far. I knew the top 2 guys were
good for about 15 reps and know I'm not at that level yet so I wanted to
just outpace the guy in 4th which was easy since we went head to head. I
managed to pull 7 which may or may not be a PR for me I'm not sure, I took
my time between each rep and they all felt solid I def had more in me but
time ran out. I ended up being right and top two got 14 and 13, I again took
3rd. Final event was stones ,it was supposed to be 200,240,260,300,330 but
they didnt have two 200 stones so it became 240,260,300,330,350. I'm bad at
stones and it doesn't help being short. I loaded the first 2 in about 18-19
seconds easily, but the stones were so dusty that it took off way more tacky
then I expected so when I got to 300 I had none left, I tried several times
but couldn't make it budge. I've yet to get 300 in comp and feel if I had
more tacky that would have been the time I got it,live and learn,took 3rd
again. Top 2 guys struggled with the 300 as well and they both can load a
300 with ease. I got 3rd overall and had a few breaks gone my way I could
have fought for 2nd. The top 2 guys are amazing athletes so no shame there.
Some of the best energy I've ever felt at a show and hands down the best
prizes from met-rx and bsn. Sarge, Nate Bolling and Mike Reed ran an amazing
show and it was an honor to have it be my last one here. Now it's time to
hit the ground running and dial in my diet and training for Nationals.


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