2013 CrossFit Games Recap
By Lindy Wall on 8/23/2013 Back to Articles

2013 CrossFit Games Recap

The CrossFit games were one of the biggest emotional roller coasters of my entire life. I had so many intense emotions the whole weekend.  I was so exhausted when it was all over, in the most complete sense of the word, in all physical, mental and emotional aspects.

The Beginning:  I was nothing but star struck and nervous. I couldn’t believe that I was actually there, that I was going to have the opportunity to compete alongside the women and men that I have looked up to for years. It took a little while for it to sink in, that I belonged there, and that all of my hard work over the last couple years had really paid off. I was ready to get started. I couldn’t wait to go to our first athlete dinner and find out how we were going to get started. On Wednesday the workouts began with swimming, which I had just learned how to do, and a half-marathon (21,097 meters) row. It was an intense start to the games, but when the day was over I was sitting in 23rd place, and I finally felt like I actually belonged there.

The Middle: This was so much fun. Of course the nerves were still there, but it was pushing me to my limits. I was learning new skills (I will be haunted by legless rope climbs), testing my mental strength, and it was my first real test of how my back was going hold up under such strain. The workouts at the games were not kind on my back, but they never defeated me.  I was always able to continue. I was able to keep competing all weekend long.  There was never a workout that I finished and wished that I could have gone harder.  I gave every workout everything that I had, and where it placed me, I was happy with.

Sprint Chipper: This was the scariest part of the weekend. It was Sunday morning, I was sitting in 28th place, and only the top 30 made it to the final workout.  Through the weekend it had become the goal to make it to the final workout ,to be able to keep competing as long into the weekend as I could. This workout placement was going to determine if I was going to reach that goal, and it started with 21 med-ball GHD sit-ups, which I do not do in any of my training because they are the arch-enemy of my back pain. I was worried about the pain, I was worried about being in last place on this workout because I just cannot do them at the speed of any of these other athletes, and I was just plain scared to do them. Walking out onto the field for my heat, I had never been so nervous for a workout. I had to keep telling myself that I was going to be fine and to just take my time to keep my fears at ease. The workout started, I got through it finishing in39th place, and I held onto my 28th place overall.

The End: When I found out that I made it into the final workout I started crying. I was rowing and my coach was standing next to me. I couldn’t help it. It was so emotional for me. I had made it over every obstacle that was thrown at me, I had officially overcome my broken back challenges, I had worked as hard as I possibly could, and I had made it. That final workout was nothing but fun. There were heavy deadlifts, there were muscle-ups, we were all exhausted and the workouts were really hard, but it didn’t matter. Being in that packed tennis stadium for the final workout of the CrossFit games for my first year was beyond anything I can put into words. When the workouts were over, I was genuinely sad and I took just a second to just look at the crowd and let it all soak in. I left everything out there, in front of the best crowds and communities that there is in sports, and I could not have been happier.

I thought that I was hungry to get to the games this year, but once you get there and you get to experience all of it, it almost feels like there is no other option but to make it back. I’m already into training for 2014, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. 


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