2013 Strongman Masters Nationals lowdown
By Eric Patterson on 9/9/2013 Back to Articles

2013 Strongman Masters Nationals lowdown

Well here is the run down from Strongman Masters Nationals...
Tied for first in last man standing axle @ 310, almost stricted press 330! Lol.
First in car deadlift with front handle with 22 in 30 secs, I stopped there for the win.
Fourth in keg toss. Never have done this event, first one hit the top bar so I had to reset but I launched everyone after that. If I would cleared that first half keg it would of helped me in the end.
End of day one...in first place by 2pts
5th place 700 yolk and 600 frame. Rookie mistake on my part, the timekeeper asked me if I was ready and I said yes, it still took me literally 2 secs to leave the gate coupled with my poor grip that gave me a drop on the frame I missed 3rd by 1.5 secs. I shoulda woulda coulda been in 3rd if not 2nd! My yolk was pretty damn fast! Lol
First in 150lbs DB clean and press each rep. Clean was easy, my press? Actually strong but I need to work on that jerk!
Tied for first going into the last event with Rob Lewis.
Tied for 3rd on the last event which was stones. Got some great advice from a great athlete (Rick Freitag) and amazing friend! The stone was never so easy. Got cocky on the 320 stone and muscled the stone causing a strain in my bicep. Picked the 355 stone and threw easily, with little discomfort to my bicep. However picking the 405 stone I felt the strain in my bicep and failed. I almost lapped the bastard twice and I feel confident that BITCH IS MINE! Lol! Rob Lewis threw it over 4 times and Rick Freitag threw it over 2! That Rob Lewis is a Hell of a competitor and won by three points. I had an opportunity to win prior to the last event but my inexperience cost me.
I want to thank my beautiful wife for her amazing support and her sacrifice and unconditional love. My kids for there love and support. I want to thank my friend, mentor and training partner Jerry Prichett for all of his time and sacrifice. The rest of the Iron Outlaws for pushing me ( I would tag you guys but its not letting me!) lol.
A special thanks to Rick Freitag for being a great example to the rest of us and for your help and friendship. Your crew B.O.S.S is a great bunch of athletes! I also meet some amazing athletes Robert Kearney, Jim Dart, Johnny Wasiczko, Rob Lewis and many others. I officially meet Dione Wessels, she often times doesn't get enough credit in my opinion. She did a great job!
The toughest show I've ever done! Great job Masters! Just to be here makes you a Bad Ass!


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