Powerlifter Matt Quinn interview
By Tee Cummins on 2/4/2014 Back to Articles

Powerlifter Matt Quinn interview


 I would like to thank you for letting us at Strength Crew interview you Matt. You are quickly becoming not only one of my favorite lifters, but a top contender in the 242/275 Raw w/wraps division. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started powerlifting.


First off I'm a husband and a father of 4. I have 2 daughters, Kaleigh (13) and Madison (11). And 2 sons, Malachi (4) and Kage (almost 2). I've been married to my beautiful wife Kasey for 5 yrs. She has been my #1 supporter. What got me interested is powerlifting was a college football buddy of mine Jonathan Whitlow. I kept seeing his training videos on fb and how strong he was getting week in and week out so I sent him a message and asked for his help on getting started in powerlifting.


How do you think your athletic background playing college football and arena league football has benefited you with your transition into powerlifting?


I think my football background really made the transition easier than it would've been had I just been a regular person interested in powerlifting. Having a solid lifting foundation that actually started from my strength coach from high school really helped my transition. I just had to learn and understand the different techniques used in powerlifting in comparison to how I lifted for football.


You recently competed at the USPA American Cup, regarded as one of the most prestigious powerlifting competitions in America. Describe your experience there and how you performed.


The experience out in California for that meet was amazing. I'm just an ol‘ country boy from KY so to get to experience California was a culture shock for real. I had the opportunity to lift with some of the top lifters in the country and meet several lifters that actually are an inspiration to my training and me. As far as my performance went I wasn't that pleased with how well I did. I went 4/9 on my attempts but still managed to hit a 47 lb meet pr. So still a successful meet. I think my nerves got to me a little on some early attempts and being only 2/6 going into deadlifts I had to flip the switch to ensure I had a successful meet.


You've made a ton of progress the past year alone. Describe the training system/program you follow and how training alongside the guys at Iron Mafia has helped you improve as a lifter. 


The program I'm on is amazing. My training partner and best friend Eldon Newcomb designed it. It's called Newcomb Power Method. I've done some tough training in the past with college football and arena football offseason workouts, but nothing to this caliber. Eldon challenges and pushes my body beyond its limits week in and week out and the results of this program are definitely showing in my gains and what I've done on the platform. Iron Mafia?? I can't say enough about all those guys. I've been truly blessed to be able to train with and learn from all of them. No matter if its Brandon Lilly or one of my training partners Chris Decker who hasn't competed yet they all have helped me and molded me into the lifter I am today. We all learn from one another push one another. Do we disagree sometimes and fight? Of course we do we are brothers that's what brothers do. But we love each other and want nothing but the best for each other. We are family.



You've competed in three different weight classes in the short time you've been competing, how has the weight gain benefited you and what class do you plan to stay in? 



Yea my weight gain has been insane. I guess you could say my body is responding well to powerlifting haha. But the weight gain has definitely benefited my strength. My pull especially. That leverage that the extra weight gives me is awesome. I've competed at 220, 242 and most recently at 275 so I believe I’ll stay at 275 from here on out. Because powerlifting isn’t about how much you weigh it’s about how big is your total. And for me extra body weight equals higher totals.



Before we let you go, who or what motivates you to work as hard as you do and what are some goals you have set for yourself in the future?


My wife, plain and simple. Everything I do in every aspect of my life revolves around her. Her opinion is the only opinion that truly ever matters to me. She's my motivation to be the best because when its all said and done I want her to be able to look back at all the sacrifices I made and that she's had to put up with and still be able to say she's proud of me and what I've accomplished. My goals are the same as they were when I started powerlifting last year. Reach a 2000 lb total by the end of this year. Become sponsored by Animal and be invited to lift in the Animal cage. And a new goal has presented itself due to my recent success at the American cup. And that is winning Gold at the IPL world championships in Vegas in November. I have some other long-term goals but we will keep it simple with my goals for this year for now. Thank you for your time and questions. I've enjoyed answering them. And I’d also like to thank my amazing sponsor Powerbelly Gear for all the great gear they hook me up with. "Leave a Legacy"




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