Training for Powerlifting has been the most positive choice I have made
By Chance Mitchell on 10/26/2014 Back to Articles

Training for Powerlifting has been the most positive choice I have made

1st Year Powerlifting – 20 Year Old, Junior – 2014 IPL Worlds



Training for Powerlifting has been the most positive choice I have made in my short life. Like most young teenagers I started working out to get in better shape, feel better about myself, and also to attract girls. However, I became addicted to the weight training and focused my life around it.


As soon as I turned 18, I got a Personal Training Certification and began working at the gym I lifted at. Devoting as much time as I could training for powerlifting.


In April 2014 I competed at my first powerlifting meet totaling 1272 @195 (Classic), with a fourth attempt 480lb squat - a record for 19 year olds. This experience left me even more motivated to improve and break more records.


In July I followed up this event by competing in the USPA’s Austin Naturally Fit Open. Again as a teenager, but at a lighter bodyweight I totaled 1306 @ 179. I broke 3 state records for the Squat, Deadlift, and Total.


Skipping ahead, I competed again in a USPA meet this October. This time I totaled 1350 @ 179 (RAW). The meet didn’t go as planned going 6 for 9, but it was a great experience and test to see where I might be later on.



As I’m writing this I am 2 weeks out from IPL Worlds in Las Vegas where I plan to total 1400+ @ 181, and hope to break an American Record Deadlift (RAW) in the Junior Division. I’ve only been training for powerlifting a little over one year now, but this one year has been one of the best years of my life so far.


All my life I have always played team sports whether it be Basketball, Baseball or Football. None of those sports have given me such a feeling of accomplishment as Powerlifting.  At this point of my life I can’t imagine doing anything else. I think I can speak for the majority here and say that we don’t compete in this sport for the money (because there is none), but out of the self-gratification for our achievements. Although the achievements are nice, it’s not just about the achievements it’s about the journey to those achievements and the people we meet along the way.


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