Elephants are the iconic species of strength and power
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Elephants are the iconic species of strength and power

Elephants are the iconic species of strength and power.  Embodying so many characteristics with which people strive to embrace. From powerlifters, to iron enthusiasts, to the stranger you pass on the sidewalk.  Cultures across the globe revere them as Gods.


Something about elephants... their innate prowess…


Being the largest land mammal, the sheer sight of an elephant demands respect.  How regal they carry themselves. A bull's giant tusks almost touching the ground, weighing hundreds of pounds, move with them like they are lighter than a feather. Their strength and raw power is awe-inspiring.  They easily take down trees, yet walk with a falling ember's grace in gentle silence. Their agility and balance is astounding.


An elephant's intelligence is borderline unfathomable. Their memory is remarkable. Loyalty, unquestionable.  


People often envy the lifelong bond elephants form with each other.  Unbreakable, it conquers distance, time, and death.  Elephants recognize each other after decades of separation. Herds will spend time touching and smelling the bones of a deceased elephant, from hours to days before moving on.


Elephants travel together in extended family groups.  Their dynamic social structure is the keystone to a functional and successful herd.  Every elephant has its place and role in the hierarchy.  Herds have a matriarchal system, consisting of females and their offspring.  A female will stay with the herd it's born into for its lifetime; males leave when they reach maturity. The matriarch is the oldest. She has the most knowledge and experience.  She guides the herd. She knows the routes to travel, knows where to find food and water during a drought, etc.  Without her, a herd wouldn't survive.


A calf's distressed vocalization draws the attention of a different herd to come to its aid – a testament to the species' values.  They take care of each other, protecting their species. Danger for one is danger for all, and they unify to handle it. Strength in numbers.


An elephant's will is everlasting.  They stand strong and persevere. Through all their perils, elephants prevail – through strength and loyalty, they protect and survive.

















By AK Vendetta on 3/18/2015 at 8:38

Thank you so much! Love you guys. Much respect.

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