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     For me majority of the time finding motivation to train is as about as easy as finding tits in a strip club, but at times life kicks you square in the nuts. Metaphorically for the ladies, it was better then saying “or in the labia”. Ok now in perfect JP Carroll fashion I’ve taken things to a level of weirdness only I can do.


     We all love the days when we train on all cylinders, days when you almost feel unstoppable.  Everything is moving fast, Pandora is pumping out the tunes as if they have become one with your mind set, weights are feeling light so light in fact that you find yourself checking the plate math only to find out everything is correct; it’s just one of those training days we all live for.


     On the other side of the fence, we have those days where NOTHING can go right.  Your phone dies, your IPod dies, your wrist wraps keep popping off, and your partner drops your knees wraps leaving your other leg to fall asleep.  We’ve all experienced the days when the weights feel extra heavy and everything is moving so slowly that your mind starts wandering.  You ask yourself did I lose all my strength.  Is my programming off?  We have all been there, racking your brain and going through the laundry list of wtfs on those dreadful days.  It can get to the point that you second-guess everything and debate with yourself about shutting it down and going home for the night.


    Let’s be honest about something there is no way, outside of a traumatic accident, that you could lose a major level of strength overnight.  I assure you, if you have been making progress with your current programming it didn’t come to a screeching halt overnight.  In the grand scheme of things, you’re having a shitty day, and if this is your first or second cruise down everything fucking sucks blvd, then you my friend are doing just fine and the “article” may do you some good in the future. 


     As a full time employee and a father of three, I have come, as of late, to truly understand the philosophy of “embracing the suck”.  Buying into this philosophy, I find myself coaching my thoughts.  If I start deviating from the normal “fuck shit up” attitude I usually train with, I am quick to tell myself embrace the suck.  I tell myself “go through the motions” “put in the work”.  I feel we owe it to ourselves to push it, finish strong, and end on a solid note.


     If every training session were 100%, things would become rather monotonous.  It reminds me of the old saying, “sunshine wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for rain”, ok that is a 50 cent lyric, but hey it fits.  All I am saying is those remarkable days of training would not stick out and feel like such a killer session if we did not have the counter part of a shitty day at the gym.  So next time you are having one of those sub-par days remember embrace the suck.




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