Ben Rice talks hook grip
By Shukin on 3/24/2017 Back to Articles

Ben Rice talks hook grip

Hook Grip, the semi magical trick to fixing Ben’s deadlift.

Many people have been switching to the hook grip lately with great success and pulling huge numbers even though the lift looks painful as hell. Each lifter has his or her reasons for choosing the grip, stance, setup and style they have, if it's working for them than it’s obviously the correct choice.

For Ben as we learn in this video, this was not an overnight switch, he had been incorporating the hook grip into his warm up lifts for years and finally reached a point where he was confident and could tolerate the discomfort enough to take it to the platform.

In this detailed video Ben demonstrates the differences amongst the double overhand, over-under and hook grips and the pros and cons associated with each.  If you have been considering making the switch or are curious about the hook grip and how it differs, or if you just like hearing Ben talk you will get something out of this video.






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