Ben Seath’s Post Workout Protocol “25 Minute Window To Recovery!”
By Ben Seath on 1/19/2013 Back to Articles

Ben Seath’s Post Workout Protocol “25 Minute Window To Recovery!”


I think we all can agree that right after a workout is when our bodies need to be re-fueled and fast!  BUT WHAT IS THE RIGHT FUEL?!?!?


I already know what almost everyone is thinking, simple sugars and carbohydrates... WRONG! 25-30 minutes after a workout our GH levels are the highest and as soon as you ingest any sugar or any carb you killed your high GH levels.


SO....No, Not Simple Sugars or Simple Carbs.  


ISO WHEY PROTEIN!?!?!?! No, Not that either. Isolate protein can take anywhere from 25-30 minutes to get in to blood stream. Well if your GH levels are the highest 25-30 minutes after the workout then we just missed a big window of recovery! Now we are in a catabolic state longer than we should be. not good.


EAA + BCAA + Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Concentrate = BEST POST WORKOUT EVER!!!!


Hydrolyzed Whey is almost like drinking water as soon as it hits your system it goes into recovery without needing any simple sugars to help increase rate of absorption.




Immediately after last rep: 2 Packs of Animal Nitro's and 3 Scoops of Torrent Zero


25-30 Minutes after: Post Workout Meal Red Meat + Potatoes/Brown Rice


Try this post workout protocol!  IT WORKS!!!  The results don't lie!!!

By Brandon Barber on 1/19/2013 at 0:56

Great information

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