Bench For Belle - Charity Meet 20th of April
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Bench For Belle - Charity Meet 20th of April



Bench For Belle - Charity Meet

Within the strength community we have a close knit family. We understand each other, our need to push ourselves, the need to help people, and overall just be better through heavy lifting. One of our Strongwomen, Melissa Bradley, fell in love with competing and Strongwoman. You can look at her and just see that she is a sassy, strong woman.

In the past month, Melissa’s 2-1/2 year old daughter, Belle, was diagnosed with Leukemia. This little girl and the fight that she has to overcome is stronger than any of ours. This includes long stays in the hospital and intense chemotherapy. Along with these comes very expensive medical bills.

The burden of a sick child is probably the worst you can feel, so we are trying to help take some of the financial burden off Melissa and her family to they can focus on fighting with and for Belle.

We are putting on a charity meet, Bench For Belle, on April 20th in Portland, OR. We are having weight classes for both Men and Women, Winners in Reps, Max, and with the Anderson Powerlifting Ram. And I will have more info to anyone interested in competing soon.

I understand that most people may not be able to compete due to location or training cycle, so we have set up a PayPal donation to be sent directly to Melissa and her family. We need to support our sister in iron during a time when she has to find strength that she didn’t know was possible. Any amount will help.

Simply click on the link below and it will take you directly to where to donate. Thank you all!

Bench for Belle Competition Info:
April 20th, 2013 at ~5 or 6 pm

Weigh in Friday, March 1st (evening)

Site: Carpenter Hall
276 Warner Milne
Oregon City, OR 97045

Events: - Raw Bench
- Bench for Reps,
- Bench with Anderson Powerlifting Ram/Sling Shot - 1 Rep Max

Divisions: Men, Women, Teens, Open, Law/Fire Divisions

Weight Classes: Men: 165, 198, 225, 275, 308, SHW
Weight Classes: Women: 97, 114, 135, 165, 181, SHW

Entry Fee: Donation -- All money collected for this competition will go directly to Melissa Bradley (Belle's Mother) to help with medical expenses for Belle.

This meet is unsantioned, no singlet is required, however please do not wear baggy shorts, you will still be required to keep rear on bench.




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