Mindfulness and the High Intensity Workout
By Sandrine Baptiste and Rhonda Tremaine on 3/20/2013 Back to Articles

Mindfulness and the High Intensity Workout

When engaging in a high intensity workout, your mind prepares you for the activity, but your spirit is what gets you there.  While this is the case, there is a way to take weight training to another level. 

Yoga, meditation, or mindfulness breathing can help to facilitate the connection between body, mind and spirit.  Connecting with the core of your being by identifying with the breath is crucial to achieving a high intensity workout with ease. As an athlete, your body is trained to perform the movement required. Do trust that knowledge, but let go of the body to find your place within.

To get a taste of this, take ten minutes when you are not working out at the gym to sit quietly. Close your eyes.  Breathe slowly and imagine that you are your breath.  As the minutes pass, your breathing will deepen. Do this daily and soon you will find that your workouts improve, and your life improves as well.

In our book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight, our four-pronged approach is nutrition, exercise, meditation and self-knowledge. Knowing yourself at a deeper level will not only facilitate a stronger spiritual connection, it will help you to pump iron with greater ease and increased intensity.


About the Authors: Sandrine is an integrative holistic wellness coach and personal trainer.  Rhonda is a versatile writer with experience in corporate communications, web content provision and technical writing. Both authors are founding partners at ENoetic Press and blog at http://www.everythingnoetic.com


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