Why I do what I do, how did I start?
By Eddie "McBeast" McLaughlin on 6/23/2013 Back to Articles

Why I do what I do, how did I start?

Why do I do what I do? How did it start?


The iron has been my therapist since I was 16. I originally walked into the gym because I was a pissed off destructive teenager raised in an extremely broken home and was doing things which if I continued could have led me to my deathbed. I remember training 7 days a week, 2-3 hours a day. The summers were even better and I managed two a days and I recall one 3 a day. For hours on end my MP3 player would be cranked all the way up as I listened to music which fueled my fire. Korn,Disturbed,Eminem etc were my original artists of choice... I wasn't just listening to noise, I was listening to the most hateful songs they had to offer which directly reflected my life... Which in turn pushed me even more. I remember once listening to choice lyrics in "Get down with the sickness" and staring in the mirror as I cranked out 21 reps on seated dumbbell presses. That's one of many moments engraved in my mind. Moving forward I had the bright idea to be a bodybuilder. It was the time the animalpak journey w/ Wrath was underway and I was certain I was destined to be some huge freak in a shitty apartment and have no relationships in life. Yeah, we'll reality and bills hit. When my grandmother ( my sole parent) passed away in 07 I decided to play army. That lasted 5 years and during that time I found powerlifting. My first few years in the army I hated everything, was in a rough marriage, broke, and just a pissed off private. As in my nature I continued to punish myself via the iron. I quickly learned that emotions don't fuel you forever. I ended up taking a day off here, a day there. Then I went to an overseas duty station where I continued to "hate my life". Thankfully by then I was much smarter and was following 531 and was aware of injury prevention etc. I worked 16 hour days 6 days a week. Training was the only thing that helped me maintaining sanity.. Near the end of my tour I lost focus.. I then went back home to a continued unhappy life.. I started slacking.. I ended up meeting Justin Randal at a local event. He took me under his wing and saw something in me..Be tested me every step of the way. Pushing me.. I began training solely because I wanted to get stronger.. Not because I was"angry". I became a technician, breaking down my lifts and learning more about my body and how to best succeed.I learned action and reaction. I learned I had complete control over my success or failures.. Justin got me to do my first meet where I totaled 1696.. The second I got under that bar in front of people I knew powerlifting was my "thing" I went on to do two more meets, finished my time in the service and am now home.. I'm sitting here today on day four of being out of the gym and dwelling. Really focusing on what's important to me in life. I've created a mental priority checklist.. Training is up there..and I'm hungry.. Hungry to succeed.. (In powerlifting& other avenues) Hungry for that big total.. And now with skin crawling in anticipation.. I can't wait to get back over that fucking bar tomorrow and take control..


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