Washingtons Strongest Apple 2013 Recap
By Nate Bolling on 6/23/2013 Back to Articles

Washingtons Strongest Apple 2013 Recap

So here is my recap of the Washingtons Strongest Apple 2013.


Friday: In the evening I met up with Grant Higa at Trappers Sushi in Kent WA to weigh in. I was feeling great, no nagging injuries, no aches pains or soreness, I was ready to battle. I hopped on the scale with my clothes on and weighed 235.2lbs. Time to eat(not that I had been starving myself to make weight since I was competing as a heavy weight).


Saturday morning I arrived at the venue and hopped on the scale after eating breakfast and weighed 232.4lbs, apparently I had lost some weight in my sleep to due nerves and sweating! I looked at the posted weigh in results and noticed that the next lightest guy in the heavy weight division weighed somewhere around 259lbs and I though maybe I was a little in over my head. I decided then that despite the weight disadvantage, all the events were great events for me and I was going to shoot for beating not only the heavy weights in my 265lb division, but ALL of the heavy weights!


Ist event 290lb keg carry/500lb sled drag 100'/100' 90 sec time limit: I started to get nervous when I was warming up and picked up the 290lb keg for the first time and got a little light headed, esp. knowing that I had to carry it 100ft. A lot of the competitors before me were having a hard time getting their sleds to move and their sleds weighed 100lbs less.....uh oh! When it was my turn to go I picked up the keg and surprisingly moved a lot faster than the previous heavy weights had. I got the keg acrossed the line and gave the sled a tug, nothing.... I decided that it was going to be a battle of inches so I started power shrugging it to get every bit of distance I could and surpisingly ended up placing 2nd overall out of all the heavy weights, just behind a guy weighing around 290lbs!


2nd event 438lb axle deadlift for reps 60 sec time limit: It took a long time to recover from the sled drag but I was still confident I would get a decent amount of reps because deadlifting is one of my best events! The whistle blew and I pulled and pulled until I couldnt anymore. 15 reps, 1st place overall!


3rd event 745lb yoke carry for 100' 60 sec time limit: I was surprisingly completely recovered from my first two events and knew that out of all the events I would be doing today, the yoke was my best! I was the only heavy weight to even finish and did so in 19.5 seconds. 1st place overall


4th event 270lb keg clean and press 60 sec time limit: I was very unsure of what the outcome of this event would be because the heaviest keg I had ever pressed was about 240lbs so I decided that my goal was to get 1 and that I would be very happy with that. I didn’t think that number would stand against these bigger guys, as they are usually better pressers. I was able to get 3 big reps and I was more than happy, esp when all of the other heavy weights were done and EVERYONE but me got zero reps. 1st place overall. Onto the last event!


5th and final event 350lb atlas stone for reps over a 50" bar 60 sec time limit: I know I am very good at loading stones so I was calm and collected going into this event! I was shooting for 6 reps but hamstrings really starting to tighten up from being worked so hard on previous events so after 4 reps I shut it down. I thought for sure this number would be beat but it held and I ended up with another 1st overall!


Contest review: It was a great day for me, no injurie, no mistakes! I won the contest and that's what I came to do! I was very humbled to receive a very special award for my performance that involved a plaque made in memory of Willie James Austin, a power lifter and friend to many that passed away earlier this year. The plaque was a symbol of heart and strength and the ability to stand out amongst others with a positive impact and attitude toward others. I also received some BSN supplements and Animal Pak products as well as a seperate plaque for winning the 265lb heavy weight division, but nothing compared to the Willie James Austin plaque.


Thanks are in order and I owe many to my friends, family and training partners for support and the drive I need to hit big numbers in the gym and produce big results on game day! My beautiful wife Alexadria Bolling for being an amazing cook and woman! Also to Mike Jenkins for his amazing programming and support with all of the Q and A I send his way. My strength and my diet are far above what they have ever been in the 6 months that he has been helping me, the guy really knows his stuff and puts it to great use in support of us young amateur athletes! Also, to Grant Higa for putting on an amazing show as always

By Shukin on 6/23/2013 at 19:07

Great Job Nate, thank's for the write up.

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