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I know how the normal 5/3/1 is set up!  I have just finished my 6 Cycle and I was thinkning of switching up my training after I saw Ben Seath is running 3/5/1!  I have never heard of the 3/5/1 till watching Ben's videos!  If a quick week by week explanation is possible that would be great!!  Thanks again.

- Born2Powerlift

Ben Seath




When I run 3/5/1 I run it with added heavy singles after the max rep set this is how I set it up:

3's WeekMax Rep with adjusted 90% then 3 Singles with Actual 90% (1 minutes rest between singles)

5's Week:  Hit a 5 rep with adjusted 85% No Singles

1's Week:  Max Rep with adjusted 95% then 3 Singles with Actual 95% (2 minutes rest between singles)


If I am Running this Closer to a meet I will take away the rest time and just use as much rest as needed! 


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