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What are your thoughts on the 5-3-1...4th week deloads ive been running the 5-3-1 program for a couple month s now and havent deloaded just started new cycles ive hit all the numbers or more so is the deload week something you would recomend?

- Travis Belen

Ben Seath



I get this question ALOT because most people myself included sometimes Feel amazing when the 4th week De-load comes arnound.  So the first thought that pops into your head is "Fuck it Skip De-Load and Start New Cycle"  That mentality WILL work yes BUT!... Only in the Short Run!  Powerlifting is more a Marathon than a Sprint.  Taking the De-Load every 4th week will allow your CNS to reset and will help Prevent the amount and Lengths of your plateau you will encounter!  So Yes I do recommend taking the required De-Load week.  If you feel Great during your De-Load then really focus on heavy assistance work!  Just keep the percentages and weight Low on you Main Core Lift! 


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